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R-127 Epoxy Reducer

R-127 Epoxy Reducer is Low VOC, 250 g/L or less, Reducers designed to be used in the EP-120 Epoxy-Fil Epoxy Primer. This Reducer will provide you with the optimal spray viscosity, and flow properties necessary to extract the optimal performance from any solvent based system.

Select the EP-120, H-122, and R-127 when completing your kit.


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Durafil Auto Technologies, Inc

Dear Honored and Valued Customers,
Durafil Auto Technologies INC continues to innovate, and has just released our new Clarity product line comprised of I-180 Hybrid Carrier (in 1 qt, 1 gallon), I-180H Hardener (in 1 pt, 1 qt) and I-180RM Reducer Medium (in 1 qt, 1 gallon).

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