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Returns & Shipping

If you have any questions about returns and shipping not answered here, please email

Questions & Answers

Do you ship to Hawaii, Alaska and/or any U.S. Territories?
Unfortunately,no. Currently, we only ship to addresses in the continental U.S.A. / Canadian provinces. (Current as of May, 2021)

Can you ship by air? How long to shipments take?
All shipping is GROUND ONLY. DURAFIL Canada ships via FEDEX while DURAFIL U.S.A. ships via UPS. All shipments average 3-5 business days. Please expect slight delays due to COVID-19.

What do I do about products damaged or misplaced during shipping?
Should your shipment be damaged or misplaced, please email

How do I return products?
​All sales are final. Should you require technical assistance we are available to Monday to Friday 9am – 6pm (Eastern / Pacific time). Should you require assistance or have any questions regarding the content of your products, please email

Industries We Serve

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Durafil Auto Technologies, Inc

Dear Honored and Valued Customers,
Durafil Auto Technologies INC continues to innovate, and has just released our new Clarity product line comprised of I-180 Hybrid Carrier (in 1 qt, 1 gallon), I-180H Hardener (in 1 pt, 1 qt) and I-180RM Reducer Medium (in 1 qt, 1 gallon).

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